Adult Wheel Throwing

Ages 16 years+

Beginner students learn the basics of wheel throwing, how to use the tools, and rules of the studio. The first 2 classes are getting the clay centered, opening, and bringing the walls up. The 3rd and 4th class will focus on consistent pressure when raising the walls. The 5th class covers the basics of trimming, attaching clay to the wheel thrown vessel, surface texture, and design. The 6th class, we will glaze pieces using fundamental techniques.

Intermediate students will start increasing the amount of clay, creating larger pieces. Different styles of shaping will be discussed, altering pieces in the trimming stage, and additional glaze skills.

Cost $275

includes 25lbs clay and tool fee of $20

Kids Wheel Throwing
Public and Home School
Ages 9 – 15 years

Beginner students will learn the basics of wheel throwing, how to use the tools and rules of the pottery studio.

Intermediate students, one or more classes and can center clay on their own, will start increasing the amount of clay per piece using shaping techniques.

Advanced students will learn to use tools to make lidded vessels, closed forms, and advanced trimming techniques.

All levels are present in one class.

Cost $175 includes materials
Thursdays (dates TBA)
Home School 2pm – 4pm
Public School 5pm – 7pm